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Mission and Vision


      Our mission is to cultivate professional talents who can confidently perfrom examinations for visual performance and correcting refractive errors for the public. We aim to educate, exmine, discipline  and be Professional while playing the role of attending our public’s eye care.

       We also aim to nurture principled thinkers by providing related scientific topics with knowledge for logical and critical thinking. At the same time, develope individual’s interest in the research and clinical fields to raise the level of optometry in Taiwan and enable us to compete internationally.





    Optometry at Asia University is combined with international optometry courses, emphasizing the proficiency of clinical skills and scientific research. The developement of internationalization and the developement of student's international vision will make students more competitive and ready for the future employment. In the future Optometry will actively integrate with Ophthalmology andown the only Ophthalmologic center in the country to incrase student's clinical practice and capabilities, also to enhace the potential for future ophthalmology related research. We will also cooperate with domestic optometry related industries. This integration will allow students to have a clearer understanding of the futture of optometry.