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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


1. Career Placement

* Optometrist at Optometry practices or Ophthalmology clinics – Ranked as a Top 10 Best Career in the US and Australia

* Special education schools and professional teams

* Prosthetics companies and prosthetic centers in all cities and counties

* Private practice - Optometry practice, Binocular Vision specialist, Contact Lens specialists, Children’s Development centers

* Industries – Contact Lenses, Ophthalmic Lenses, Medical instrument, etc.


2. Postgraduate Education

* Domestic and international graduate schools of Optometry and Vision Science

* Cross-disciplinary graduate schools (Biomedical Science, Medical Engineering, Health Management, Optical Engineering, Special Education, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Science, etc.).

* Works as a lecturer or professor at university after obtaining a postgraduate degree (Master or PhD)