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1. Award of Ministry of Science and Technology projects



Project title


Assistant Professor

Dr. Hui-Wen Lin

Evaluating the preventive effect of Dihydromyricetin, Quercetin and Metformin on VEGF expression and metastasis ability in nickel chloride induced retinal pigment epithelium


Assistant Professor

Dr. Hui-Wen Lin

To investigate the protective effect of luteolin on 1-Nitropyrene-induced the inflammatory and oxidative stress responses of lung injury and its mechanism


2. Best-ranked class tutor (university level):

Assistant Professor Dr. Hui-Wen Lin in 2017. 

Lecturer Mr. Ching-Chung Chen in 2018.

3.  Awarded the 4th place in the 2018 and 2019 Asia University Chorus Competition.
4. Cooper Vision Contact lens presentation contest for students 2020
5. New Jeans Classroom opening for the Optometry Department 2020